Callie Smith Pickleball

Introducing Callie Jo Smith, an outstanding player in the pickleball field who is presently making waves in the PPA Women’s Doubles and Singles rankings. Callie’s road to pickleball brilliance derives from an illustrious family legacy of tennis skill, as she now holds the prestigious titles of #2 in PPA Women’s Doubles and #4 in Women’s Singles.

Callie, who comes from a tennis-playing family, went from dominating junior tennis, winning the Utah state title four years in a row, to competing at the Division 1 collegiate level at the University of Utah. In 2018, she made a game-changing switch to pickleball and spiked herself to the top of the pro circuit in record time.

Let’s take a closer look at Callie Jo Smith pickleball journey and get ready to see the strategic skill and perseverance that make her an incredible competitor in the professional pickleball world.

Callie Smith pickleball
Callie Smith pickleball

Callie Jo Smith Biography

Callie Jo Smith, is one of six siblings raised in Orem, Utah. Callie Smith pickleball age is 30 as she was born on October 21, 1993, and began her sports career studying tennis from different family members, most notably her late grandfather, Wayne Pierce. Callie Jo was a successful athlete at Orem High School throughout her high school years, becoming a four-time High School State Tennis Champion, exhibiting skill in both doubles and singles, and attaining the famous No. 1 position in Utah.

She began her freshman year at Brigham Young University as a college tennis player, earning the Mountain West Conference Scholar-Athlete Award. Callie Jo switched to the University of Utah in the PAC-12 Conference in her sophomore year, opting for a change. She excelled in both doubles and singles, holding the No. 2 rank. Her collegiate tennis career has been highlighted by an outstanding total record of 143 wins and 64 setbacks.

Callie Jo Smith Biography

Nonetheless, Callie Jo’s senior year at the University of Utah posed hurdles as she had minor knee and shoulder injuries, displaying the tenacity that is key to her athletic journey.

Professional Pickleball Career

Callie was introduced to Pickleball by an unlikely mentor: her husband Kyle’s 85-year-old grandfather, who invited her to compete in a local Utah competition. It was during this occasion that she met USA Pickleball Association coach Mike Nielsen. Despite originally professing little interest in competitive play, Callie found enjoyment in the social aspect of Pickleball for almost a year after the competition.

Professional Pickleball Career
Professional Pickleball Career

Callie made an important decision in the autumn of 2019 to move Pickleball from a hobby to a profession, which will culminate in her official affiliation with the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) in 2021. Since adopting this career change, Callie has amassed over 70 medals at professional Pickleball competitions, won 9 PPA Champion titles, and secured the 2021 U.S. Open Women’s Doubles Championship.

Her notable achievements include the following:

  • Winning the 2021 USA Pickleball National Championships in Women’s Doubles
  • Securing the Women’s Doubles Gold at the PPA Masters Tournament in 2021
  • Winning the 2019 and 2020 PPA World Championships in Women’s Doubles
  • Winning the 2019 US Open Pickleball Championships in Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles
  • Earning multiple regional titles in both singles and doubles play
  • Winning the 2018 International Indoor Pickleball Championships in Women’s Singles

Advice And Insights To Improve Pickleball Game

Advice And Insights To Improve Pickleball Game

Callie Jo Smith is a court virtuoso known for her exceptional talents and strategic prowess. She willingly shares her wealth of knowledge and skills to help the player improve their pickleball game.

Here are some special Callie Jo tips & tricks:

  1. Emphasize Footwork Precision: Improve your game by emphasizing precise footwork. Participate in targeted footwork workouts to improve your agility and court speed, which are key components of pickleball success.
  2. Master the Dink Shot Technique: The dink shot, a delicate and controlled maneuver, is essential for game management. Spend time honing this low, soft shot until it becomes second nature.
  3. Cultivate a Powerful Serve: Your serve sets the tone for the rest of the game. Try several serving styles to find one that fits your playing style well. A good serve can alter the game.
  4. Maintain Mental Focus: Understand that pickleball is an intellectual as well as a physical challenge. Sharpen your mental game by staying focused during the game and avoiding distractions caused by your opponent’s means.
Advice And Insights To Improve Pickleball Game
Advice And Insights To Improve Pickleball Game

These insights, inspired by Callie Jo’s knowledge, provide a road map for improving overall pickleball skills by concentrating on essential areas that lead to success on the court.


Taking a closer look at the career of professional pickleball player Callie Jo Smith exposes her enormous influence on the game. Callie’s agility, accuracy, and sportsmanship define her in the pickleball world, gaining her appreciation from both colleagues and spectators. Callie Smith’s pickleball age has become a monument to her ongoing devotion and tenacity in competitive sports as she continues to improve throughout her career. Therefore, players of all skill levels may learn from her and improve their skills.


What paddle does Callie Jo Smith use and why? 

Callie Jo Smith uses the Onix Evoke Premier paddle. She likes this paddle because it helps her to hit the ball powerfully while still allowing her to drop and dink the ball efficiently.

How did Callie Jo Smith contribute to promoting pickleball?

Beyond her on-court success, Callie Jo actively promotes pickleball through clinics and social media, serving as a genuine advocate for the sport.

What are some of Callie Jo Smith’s hobbies and interests outside of pickleball? 

Callie Jo Smith has a wide range of hobbies and interests other than pickleball. She likes tennis, working out, being outside, reading, eating chocolate, cooking, baking, singing, watching movies, playing the piano, and spending time with her family.

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