Dyne Gingrich Pickleball Champion

Meet Dayne Gingrich, a family man, coach, and pickleball pro. Dayne, an Electrum Pickleball sponsored player, has achieved significant success on the senior pro circuit. He is a tactician and optimistic thinker who makes every shot appear effortless. Dayne is a mental performance coach who helps other players better their mental and physical game.

He is a four-time national champion and three-time US Open winner. He enjoys educating and solving the riddle of each opponent’s mentality. In this post, I’ll go over his life, achievements, and much more.

Dyne Gingrich

Biography of Dyne Gingrich

Dayne Gingrich was born and fostered in Santa Barbara, California. He grew up playing tennis and was a national junior champion. He specialized in psychology and played collegiate tennis at UC Santa Barbara and UC Irvine. For a few years, he also played professional tennis, earning a career-high ranking of 864 in the world.

Biography of Dyne Gingrich
Biography of Dyne Gingrich

He then moved on to professional poker, where he learned the value of mental strength in competition. He trained as a mental performance coach and began working with athletes from a variety of sports, including golf, baseball, basketball, and soccer. He also published a book titled “The 1% Rule: How to Fall in Love with the Process and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams.”

Dayne Gingrich’s Entry to Pickleball

Dayne Gingrich was introduced to pickleball four years ago by his stepfather, who took him to a 4.5 open play weekend. He played all day with no breaks, but he didn’t play again for another year and a half due to personal issues. He had played tennis, so when he got back into the game, he was able to compete at a level of 5.0.

Dayne Gingrich’s Entry to Pickleball
Dayne Gingrich’s Entry to Pickleball

He immediately rose to prominence as a successful professional player and coach. He loves pickleball because of the social side, the challenge, and the opportunity to apply his intellectual gifts.

Dayne Gingrich’s Achievements

In the senior pro circuit, Dayne Gingrich has won several national and international titles. He has four national titles and three US Open titles to his name. In addition, he has won over 40 gold medals in various events. Some of his significant accomplishments include:

Dayne Gingrich’s Achievements
Dayne Gingrich’s Achievements
  • 2023 Punta Gorda Senior Pro Pickleball Tournament – Winner’s Final- Men’s Doubles
  • 2023 PPA Hyundai Masters Men’s Sr Pro Doubles – Gold Medal
  • 2022 USA Pickleball National Championships – Senior Men’s Pro Gold Medal
  • 2021 PPA Newport Doubles Shootout Sr. Pro – Gold Medal
  • 2020 Newport Winter Open Mixed Sr. Pro Gold – Gold Medal

Playing Style and Skills

Dayne Gingrich is well-known for his strategic and optimistic thinking powers. He is a cognitive game master who can figure out his opponents’ strengths, weaknesses, and actions. He can also use verbal and nonverbal clues to influence their decisions and feelings. He considers each match to be a riddle that may be solved by understanding your opponent’s thinking.

Dayne Gingrich’s Playing Style and Skills
Dayne Gingrich’s Playing Style and Skills

He also possesses a strong physical game, with a strong serve, a steady third shot drop, a seamless movement to the net, and a wide range of strokes to keep his opponents guessing. Depending on the situation at hand, he can play both energetically and defensively. He is also an excellent teammate who communicates well, encourages his teammates, and effectively covers the court.

Personal Life and Future Goals of Dayne Gingrich Pickleball

Dayne Gingrich is a husband and father who lives in Santa Barbara with his wife and two children. He enjoys spending time with them and participating in activities such as hiking, bicycling, and surfing.

He is also a coach, providing online and in-person instruction to pickleball players of all skill levels. He assists them in improving their mental and physical game and achieving their objectives.

Personal Life and Future Goals of Dayne Gingrich Pickleball

He also has a website, a YouTube channel, and a podcast where he offers his pickleball and life thoughts, ideas, and experiences. He is also sponsored by Electrum Pickleball, ProXR Pickleball, AloeMD, TheLabSB, Kinesys Sunscreen, and Stria Sport Shoes.


Dayne Gingrich is much more than a pickleball pro. He is a father, a coach, and a mental performance specialist who has won multiple national and international senior pro circuit titles. He enjoys educating and solving the mental puzzles of his opponents.

On the court, he assists other players in developing their confidence, strategy, and decision-making skills. Many pickleball players and spectators look up to him as a role model and an inspiration. I hope you found out more about him and his adventure interesting. You can find out more about him by visiting his website, seeing his videos, or listening to his podcast.


Does Dayne Gingrich host Pickleball events or tournaments?

Yes, Dayne Gingrich frequently hosts or participates in Pickleball events and competitions.

What distinguishes Dayne Gingrich’s approach to Pickleball coaching?

Dayne Gingrich’s teaching style is known for emphasizing not just technical skills but also the mental and strategic components of Pickleball. His personalized teaching technique is tailored to the requirements and goals of each athlete.

Has Dayne Gingrich written any books on Pickleball?

Yes, pickleball author Dayne Gingrich has written books on strategy, skill development, and the mental components of the game.

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