Why I Hate Pickleball – Diving into Disdain

Pickleball has certainly grown in popularity, owing to its image as an inclusive and vibrant activity. Despite its broad popularity, my personal experience with this allegedly petty game has been anything but warm. As I moved across the court with my paddle in hand, I faced a series of challenges and obstacles that made me wonder about the widespread enthusiasm for pickleball.

In this open review of “Why I Hate Pickleball,” I hope to reveal my real-life experiences, providing insights into the aspects of the sport that have failed to pique my interest. It is an uncensored assessment of the disparity between pickleball’s rapturous appreciation and my actual experiences on the court.

Why I Hate Pickleball

How Pickleball is Different Than Tennis?

The game, which is a combination of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, was founded in 1965 by three friends who sought to create an enjoyable hobby for their families. Pickleball has increased in popularity since then and is now enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

Pickleball and tennis, despite their similarities, are different racket sports with major differences in gameplay. One of the most noticeable differences is the size of the court. Pickleball is played on a smaller court, about one-quarter the size of a tennis court. This variation not only affects the game’s tempo but also the movement and strategic decisions of the players.

How Pickleball is Different Than Tennis?
How Pickleball is Different Than Tennis?

Reasons Why I Hate Pickleball and Why Pickleball Sucks

To get down to the specifics of my pickleball sentiments, I must reveal the causes of my true dislike for the game. Before I go into why I believe pickleball is stupid, it’s important to realize that I’m not here to merely criticize but to provide light on the circumstances that have made me less than enthused. Whether it’s the smaller court, the unusual paddle shape, or the complicated scoring system, each element has contributed to my perspective of why I hate pickleball. So stick with me while I look at these specifics, trying to present an honest explanation of why, in my experience, pickleball falls short of expectations and, honestly, does not float my boat.

Reasons Why I Hate Pickleball and Why Pickleball Sucks
Reasons Why I Hate Pickleball and Why Pickleball Sucks

Pickleball, More Like ‘Pickle-Bore

With its sluggish pace and small court, watching a game of pickleball may often feel like waiting for the pleasure to kick in. It lacks the adrenaline rush that comes with faster sports.

Overgrown Ping Pong

Some opponents claim that pickleball is simply a larger version of ping pong. The paddles and little ball may appear to be an unusual combination, making the player’s desire for the real thing – a more intense activity.

I Hate Pickleball
I Hate Pickleball

Dink Frustration

The dink shot, which is common in pickleball, may irritate players who favor a more aggressive approach. Some people find it difficult to balance elegance with monotony.

No Volley Zone

The ‘no volley zone’ at the net in pickleball may appear to be a random area where players cannot make strong arcs. This restriction may limit players who excel at playing near the net.

Racket Confusion

With so many paddle options on the market, newcomers may feel lost in the crowd. This sort of thing may be more puzzling than interesting to some.

Racket Confusion
Racket Confusion

Serve Limitation

The regulation against underhand serves may deter players who enjoy delivering forceful serves. The limitations on serving styles might feel restrictive.

Doubles Dilemma

Pickleball doubles may seem like walking a tightrope with a partner. The collaboration required might lead to arguments, making it difficult for people seeking solo achievement.

Middle-Aged Sport

Some critics argue that because pickleball is more popular among older people, it may not appeal to younger generations, slowing the sport’s growth.

Middle-Aged Sport
Middle-Aged Sport

Popping Noise

The unique ‘pop’ sound made when the ball strikes the paddle may irritate certain people, disrupting the calm of the court and surrounding areas.

Short Attention Span Theater

Pickleball points are brief, which may not please fans of lengthier rallies in other racket sports, leaving them craving more prolonged action.

Mini Tennis Syndrome

Pickleball is frequently criticized as a watered-down version of tennis, with a smaller court and less physical requirements that fail to capture the essence of the original sport. This is one of the reasons why do tennis players hate pickleball; they consider it to be a lesser, more straightforward version of tennis that does not present enough of a challenge.

Net Dispute Drama

pickleball Net Dispute Drama
pickleball Net Dispute Drama

Line calls and arguments about the location of the ball at the net can cause embarrassing tensions and conflicts among players, detracting from the spirit of sportsmanship.

Limited Professional Scene

The lack of a comprehensive professional pickleball circuit may dissuade ambitious competitors, limiting possible financial prospects and reducing the attraction of actively pursuing the sport.

Why Do Tennis Players Hate Pickleball?

As I am not the only person who hates pickleball, many people also find pickleball annoying for their own personal reasons and tastes, but the main reason why do people hate pickleball is because of its rising popularity and the scarcity of dedicated pickleball courts, players have opted for to repurpose tennis courts for pickleball matches.

Hate Pickleball

However, this change needs precise markings on the tennis courts to promote accurate gameplay. This is where things become contentious since tennis players frequently complain about these marks because they think they are unclear and interfere with their conventional playing. The collision of tennis and pickleball court markings becomes a visible source of friction, highlighting the difficulties that arise when two sports compete for the same playing space.


To summarise, my foray into the world of pickleball has been fraught with difficulties and a true lack of excitement for the sport. While pickleball’s welcoming and energetic attitude has definitely fascinated the hearts of many, my personal experiences on the court have revealed a gap between the sport’s overwhelming appreciation and my own thoughts.


Why do some people hate pickleball?

Personal tastes vary, and not everyone likes the pace or dynamics of pickleball. Some people may choose different sports that better match their interests.

Can a dislike for pickleball be temporary?

Preferences may, and do, change. Trying pickleball with an open mind or learning various aspects of the sport may lead to a shift in perspective over time.

Is there a way to express like for pickleball constructively?

Express your passion for pickleball by emphasizing certain fun features, asking others to participate, and creating an inclusive environment. To improve public understanding of the sport, highlight the health benefits, and participate in community activities.

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