Paul Olin – A Pickleball Champion

Meet Paul Olin, a former Division I tennis player who leaped professional pickleball on the senior pro singles circuit. After finishing his undergraduate tennis career, he became a former US Navy fighter pilot and instructor who served his nation with honor and distinction. Following his retirement from the Navy in 2011, a chance came for him to return to his hobbies. During this time, Paul’s mother introduced him to the world of pickleball, a sport that instantly piqued his interest. In this article, I’ll go into his life, pickleball career, and accomplishments in more depth.

Paul Olin Pickleball Background

Under the guidance of his mother-in-law, Olin was introduced to pickleball in 2017 in East Naples Park in Florida—a location that is known for hosting the US Open Pickleball Championships. Because of its enticing combination of challenge and thrill, the sport quickly became Olin’s passion. Olin’s impressive tennis background, which includes a high school national title and Division I collegiate experience, helped him to smoothly convert his skills to the exciting arena of pickleball.

Paul Olin Pickleball Background
Paul Olin Pickleball Background

Paul’s Career Achievements

Olin successfully switched from tennis to pickleball, instantly adjusting to the sport’s unique rules, equipment, and strategy. He proved his supremacy on the court by practicing regularly and competing actively in a range of events. Olin’s skill set is absolutely extraordinary, as he is now ranked first in the Men’s Single Senior Pro Pickleball Championships and sixteenth in the Men’s Senior Pro Doubles. Among his standout achievements are:

  • Winning the gold medal in the Senior Men’s Singles (Pro) at the 2019 Tournament of Champions
  • Winning the silver medal in the Senior Men’s Singles (Pro) at the 2019 US Open
  • Winning the gold medal in the Senior Men’s Singles (Open Pro) at the 2019 The Lakes Spring Fling
  • Winning the gold medal in the Men’s Sr Pro Singles at the 2019 The Lakes Spring Fling
  • Winning the gold medal in the Men’s 5.0 50-54 Singles at the 2019 Southwest Regional
Paul’s Career Achievements
Paul’s Career Achievements

Olin has won 142 medals throughout his remarkable pickleball career, including 64 gold, 52 silver, and 26 bronze. He is sponsored by his own brand, Gamma Legend Pickleball, and he also sponsors the Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour.

Paul Olin: A Pickleball Champion

Olin has also played in Paul Moore Park Pickleball Court in San Jose, California, a public park and the official site of the San Jose Pickleball Club. He earned the gold medal in the Men’s Senior Pro Singles division at the 2019 San Jose Pickleball Club Tournament. He also coached and mentored other pickleball players in the park, passing on his knowledge and enthusiasm for the game.

Olin’s Tips and Tricks for Pickleball Players

In pickleball, Paul Olin highlights the need to listen to everyone’s perspectives and realize that, within the deluge of guidance, there may be a secret that boosts efficiency considerably. While not every bit of advice will be directly applicable, Olin emphasizes the possibility of helpful information.

Olin’s Tips and Tricks for Pickleball Players
Olin’s Tips and Tricks for Pickleball Players

A particularly effective advice for him entails sharpening footwork and maintaining a composed paddle posture, which is important both at the net and on the baseline, especially when on the move. Olin is eager to share this vital gem with everyone who would listen, as it has played an important role in improving his own gaming.


Paul Olin is a well-known personality in the pickleball world, having achieved significant success in both singles and doubles championships. Olin has won multiple titles during his career, because of his keen game strategy, quick reflexes, and strong shots.

In addition to his on-court accomplishments, Olin is well-known in the pickleball world for his work as an educator and coach. He has helped many players enhance their talents and attain their full potential through his coaching programs and clinics. In summary, Paul Olin’s significant experience and skill make him a valuable and recognized person in the professional pickleball world.


How did Paul Olin contribute to the growth of Pickleball in his community?

Paul Olin has actively organized and participated in local Pickleball events, clinics, and seminars, encouraging community participation and the accessibility of the sport.

What distinguishes Paul Olin’s playing style from other Pickleball players?

Paul Olin’s game stands out by a unique combination of power, finesse, and smart decision-making. His ability to adjust to diverse opponents and game scenarios defines him.

What advice does Paul Olin offer regarding Pickleball equipment selection?

Paul Olin advises players to try out different paddles and equipment to see what works best for their playing style. Grip, weight, and paddle surface are all important considerations.

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