Michelle Esquivel: Meet the Pro Player

Are you an avid follower of famous pickleball player Michelle Esquivel? If so, that’s great. But do you know any interesting facts about Michelle Esquivel, a pickleball player? If not, no issue. Michelle Esquivel is a pickleball player, trainer, and coach from the United States who developed the Ultimate Pickleball Academy. She has a tennis background, which helped her adapt to pickleball and become one of the sport’s top female pros.

She has won singles and doubles medals at major competitions like the Hawaii Open, US Open, and Nationals. Today, in this article, I’ll reveal Michelle Esquivel’s pickleball biography as well as her pickleball accomplishments.

Michelle Esquivel – Meet the Pro Player

In addition, I will discuss some strategies she has shared with other pickleball players for winning the game. Read on to discover Michelle Esquivel’s history, how she got started as a pickleball player, and the recommendations she provides to other pickleball players to help them win.

Biography of Michelle Esquivel as a Pickleball Player

Michelle Esquivel grew up in Buena Park, California. She grew up playing and training tennis and moved on to get a full tennis scholarship at Concordia University, Irvine, where she got a BA in Exercise Sports Science with an Emphasis on Teaching and training. She eventually earned a Master’s degree in Education in Physical Education from Azusa Pacific University and began teaching Kinesiology classes.

Michelle was introduced to pickleball in 2015 by her friend Ian Liang and his relative Tao Tavanahan, who taught her at Tustin School District. She was immediately hooked on the sport and chose to pursue it professionally full-time. She earned her IPTPA certification and began teaching pickleball at various camps and clinics.

Michelle Esquivel as a Pickleball Player
Michelle Esquivel as a Pickleball Player

Michelle also began competing at the pro level, soon cementing herself as one of the game’s best female players. She has won singles and doubles medals at major professional pickleball competitions such as the Hawaii Open, US Open, and Nationals. The Professional Pickleball Association presently ranked #8 in the world in women’s singles and #10 in women’s doubles.

Michelle Esquivel’s Achievements

Michelle Esquivel has an impressive resume of achievements in pickleball. Some of her notable accomplishments are:

  • 2019: At the Hawaii Open, she won gold in women’s singles, silver in women’s doubles, and bronze in mixed doubles.
  • 2020: At the US Open, she won bronze in women’s singles and bronze in women’s doubles and mixed doubles. She also competed in the APP Cincinnati Open and the Newport Winter Open, where she reached the finals in mixed pro and women’s singles pro, respectively.
  • 2021: At the Hawaii Open, she won gold in women’s singles and silver in women’s doubles. She also took silver in women’s doubles in the PPA Orange County Cup and bronze in the PPA OC Cup.
Michelle Esquivel’s Achievements
Michelle Esquivel’s Achievements
  • In 2022, she won gold in women’s singles at the St. Louis Pickleball Open. She also took silver in the mixed pro division at the PPA Select Medical OC Cup and bronze in the women’s pro division at the PPA Newport. She continued to play with the Brooklyn Aces in Major League Pickleball, contributing to their success.
  • 2023: She and Lucy Kovalova won silver in women’s doubles at the US Open. She also competed in the PPA Hyundai Masters, where she advanced to the semifinals in both the mixed pro and women’s pro divisions.

Personal Life and Career

Michelle Esquivel is a pickleball pro as well as a pickleball entrepreneur. She founded and co-directs the Ultimate Pickleball School, a traveling school that offers specialized clinics in various towns. She and her professional staff train players of all skill levels to improve their game while having fun and learning great tricks. She is enthusiastic about sharing her expertise and enthusiasm for the sport with others and assisting them in achieving their pickleball objectives.

Personal Life and Career
Personal Life and Career

Michelle Esquivel is also a proud member of Major League Pickleball, a professional team-based league comprised of some of the world’s top players. She is a member of the Brooklyn Aces and has contributed to their league success. She appreciates the league’s competitive and thrilling nature and the camaraderie and friendliness among the players.

Michelle Esquivel lives in Huntington Beach, California. She is married to Rob Cassidy, a professional pickleball player, instructor, and coach. They met via pickleball and have been life and courtmates ever since. They have the same vision and enthusiasm for the sport, and they encourage and support one another in their endeavors.


Michelle Esquivel is an outstanding pickleball player, educator, and coach who has accomplished much in the sport. She is also a dedicated and enthusiastic sports ambassador, inspiring and educating people with her skills and mindset. She is a significant part of the pickleball community and a role model for many aspiring and present pickleball players. She is always seeking new challenges and chances to improve and achieve in the sport, as well as to share her enthusiasm and love of the game with others. She is a true pickleball pro who loves the game.


What paddle does Michelle Esquivel play with and why?

Michelle Esquivel enjoys using the Engage Poach Advantage! It provides the ideal balance of control and strength for my game.

What is her signature shot or skill?

She is well-known for her aggressive and powerful style of play, particularly her overhead smash and backhand slice.

What is her favorite pickleball tournament or venue?

She enjoys competing at the US Open in Naples, Florida, where she earned her first gold medal in women’s singles in 2022. She also likes the Hawaii Open, where she won gold medals in both women’s singles and doubles in 2021.

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