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The perfect gift for the pickleball enthusiast in your life or for yourself is pickleball jewelry. It’s a great choice to show your personality and style both on and off the court. You can choose from a wide range of styles, materials, and colors to fit your preferences and budget. My selection of pickleball jewelry for women includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and charms to suit everyone.

Pickleball Jewelry
Pickleball Jewelry

Well, when it came to my top five pickleball jewelry pieces, I explored a variety of options. I looked at gold and silver jewelry, as well as items tailored to women. So read on for much more!

Best Pickleball Jewelry for Women

1. Pickleball Earrings Jewelry for Women

Live Larsen knows the value of blending design and practicality, so they provide pickleball fans with the ideal accessory to show off their enthusiasm. These pickleball earrings are made of 18kt gold-plated hypoallergenic material, and their lightweight shape makes them a safer and more comfortable alternative to hoops or dangle earrings, enabling you to focus on your game without interruptions.

These are suitable for both informal activities and more formal situations since their 8mm diameter hits the optimum mix between making a statement and keeping a classic elegance. The earrings are fade, rust, and tarnish resistant, ensuring a long-lasting luster, while the push-back hook provides a secure fit. Each pair includes a beautiful suede travel pouch that not only adds a touch of elegance but also serves as a useful accessory for protecting and cleaning your polishing while on the move.

Hypoallergenic accessoryBacks fall off easily
Fade, rust & tarnish resistant
Comes in luxe suede travel pouch
Pickleball Earrings Jewelry for Women

Pickleball Earrings Jewelry for Women

  • 18kt Gold Plated
  • Hypoallergenic (NO NICKEL)
  • Fade, Rust & Tarnish Resistant
  • 8mm Diameter
  • Includes Luxe Suede Travel Pouch
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2. The Dainty Dinker Mini Pickleball Pendant

On a voyage of style and meaning with an attractive collection of pickleball pendants, where each item offers a distinct tale of elegance and appreciation for the game, Everwild’s Dainty Dinker mini pickleball pendant stands out as an excellent choice for pickleball gold jewelry. This stunning item is ideal for bringing a bit of glitter to after-pickleball gatherings and special occasions. The necklace is intended to draw attention, making it a prized possession for any pickleball fan.

The exquisite design features a pickleball paddle and ball as charms, delicately hanging from a sturdy 15″ clip chain. The paddle adds an extra level of luxury with eight high-quality cubic zirconia crystals that shine with every movement. The placement of the ball and paddle reflects a dynamic mid-play moment, adding to the pendant’s visual appeal.

High-quality materialsNot as suitable for use on the courts
Comes in a gorgeous gift box
Eco-conscious makers
The Dainty Dinker Mini Pickleball Pendant

The Dainty Dinker Mini Pickleball Pendant

  • Miniature Pickleball Paddle with a Crystal ‘Flower
  • Modern Dainty Clip Chain for the Necklac
  • Jewelry for the Pickleball Enthusiast
  • Sterling Silver and Are Plated with a Protective Rhodium
  • 4k and 18k Gold Before Being Hand Buffed
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3. Hit Happy Pickleball Pickleball Paddle Necklace

Paddle necklaces have become popular choices among pickleball players as a fashionable and meaningful way to show their passion for the sport. One notable choice is the Hit Happy Pickleball Pickleball Paddle Necklace. Crafted with care, this necklace is sure to enchant the hearts of pickleball enthusiasts around. Whether you’re playing a furious game or attending a social event, the Hit Happy pickleball necklace seamlessly combines elegance and functionality.

Forged using high-quality .925 sterling silver and coated with platinum, is not only exquisitely beautiful but also extremely durable, allowing it to survive the rigors of on-court play. The paddle face, decorated with brilliant cubic zirconia, gives a bit of glitter while retaining an air of class. Each necklace is professionally wrapped in a stylish box, making it the best women’s pickleball jewelry to buy.

Platinum coated for durability Chain is not adjustable
Cubic zirconia for sparkle
Gift box included
Hit Happy Pickleball Pickleball Paddle Necklace

Hit Happy Pickleball Pickleball Paddle Necklace

  • Pickleball Paddle Pendant
  • 925 Sterling Silver and Plated with Platinum
  • Pendant Size Is 15 Mm X 30 Mm
  • Sparkling with Cubic Zircons on a Sterling Silver Chain
  • When Clasped the Length Is 27 Cm
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4. PickleBelle Pickleball Bracelet for Women

The PickleBelle Pickleball Bracelet is a gorgeous piece made of high-quality materials, including genuine .925 sterling silver and glossy 14k gold plating. This 7-inch bracelet with a 1-inch extender has four lovely pickleball-themed charms: a pickleball ball, paddle, “Dink” charm, and a heart embellished with a glittering cubic zirconia. Its adaptable shape allows for customization, allowing wearers to turn it into a necklace pendant for more style and flair. This unique design from an ardent pickleball player comes carefully packaged on a display card in a custom branded pouch with a PickleBelle enclosure card, making it a thoughtful and meaningful gift for any pickleball fan.

Sparkling cubic zirconia
High-quality materials 
PickleBelle Pickleball Bracelet for Women

PickleBelle Pickleball Bracelet for Women

  • Picklebelle Gold Chain Bracelet
  • Measures 7 Inches with a 1-Inch Extender
  • Featuring Four Pickleball-Themed Charms
  • 14k Gold Plating Enhances the Bracelet’s Allure
  • Blends the Pickleball Lifestyle with Fashion
  • Purchased for Oneself or Given as a Gift
  • Unique and Stylish Way for Players
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5. The Volley Plus Silver Pickleball Paddle Necklace for Women

The incredible blend of athletic charm and exquisite elegance is evident in the Volley + Pickleball Sterling Silver Necklace. This necklace is made of ethically produced sterling silver and has a highly sculpted pickleball paddle shape embellished with transparent cubic zirconia crystals, which offer a touch of glitter and refinement. The 18-inch necklace has a 2-inch extender, allowing you to modify the length to 16 inches, making it perfect for a variety of necklines and preferences.

The tiny yet robust clip chain gives a modern touch to the design, and the addition of a custom-branded microsuede pouch and a PickleBelle enclosure card improves the whole presentation of this lovely item. This fancier version of the Volley necklace captures the essence of pickleball with its 3-dimensional ball design while still expressing charm and originality.

Stylish and unique designMaybe too large or heavy for some people
Durable and long-lasting
Perfect for pickleball lovers
The Volley Plus Silver Pickleball Paddle Necklace for Women

The Volley Plus Silver Pickleball Paddle Necklace for Women

  • Top Quality Crystals
  • Mini Volley Plus Pickleball Necklace
  • Lightweight Enough to Be Worn on the Court
  • a Sparkly Version of the Best-Selling Mini Volley
  • Sterling Silver with a Protective Rhodium Overlay
  • Perfect 18mm Paddle Pendant Encrusted with Clear Crystals
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What to consider when choosing pickleball jewelry

Certainly! When choosing pickleball jewelry, keep these key factors in mind to ensure a savvy selection:

pickleball jewelry
pickleball jewelry

Material Excellence:

Start this step by determining the material for your pickleball jewelry. Check the quality to verify it fits both requirements of durability and visual appeal.

Design Appeal:

Look into several designs that meet your style choices. Determine if you desire an obvious item or a more subtle and elegant style.

Comfort Level:

If the jewelry is meant to be worn during pickleball games, choose lightweight and comfy options. Avoid designs that may cause pain or interfere with gameplay, such as those that can become caught in hair or clothes.


While aesthetics are vital, functionality is as important, especially if the jewelry will be worn during intense sports such as pickleball. Ensure that the jewelry can resist normal wear and tear without losing its look or quality.


Consider the jewelry’s longevity, particularly if it will be exposed to the weather during outdoor pickleball games. Choose materials and finishes that will withstand the elements without losing their appeal.

Personalization Options:

Look for jewelry that may be customized to provide a unique touch. Adding a personalized feature, such as a name, number, or other relevant symbols, can make the jewelry more distinctive and meaningful.

Maintenance Requirements:

Evaluate the jewelry’s maintenance requirements. Choose accessories that are easy to clean and maintain, so they retain their shine and attractiveness over time.


Consider whether the jewelry may be worn on other occasions outside pickleball games. Versatile items may increase in value as they become part of regular wear.


That’s it for today, guys. I hope you enjoyed my collection of the best pickleball jewelry. Jewelry is a very individual choice, and it can be tricky to select the right piece.

But I must add that the small pickleball earrings are my personal favorites. They are practical, inexpensive, and lovely.

Why don’t you try them? I’m sure that you’ll love them as much as I do.


Can pickleball jewelry be worn during a tournament?

In general, jewelry is prohibited at pickleball events.

Where can I find pickleball-themed jewelry?

Pickleball-themed jewelry is available on a variety of online markets, specialist jewelry retailers, and even handmade artisan platforms that provide unique and personalized creations.

What materials are commonly used in pickleball jewelry?

Pickleball jewelry is commonly made of sterling silver or stainless steel, and it may include enamel or gemstone decorations to provide a fun touch to the designs.

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