Susannah Barr Pickleball Player – Meet the Pro

Have you ever heard of the sport of pickleball? In recent years, the sport has grown in popularity and recognition. It’s a sport that’s enjoyable, simple to learn, and appropriate for people of any age and at all skill levels. It’s also a sport with a rising star named Susannah Barr pickleball.

Susannah Barr is not an average pickleball player. She is a top 20 professional player who has won 18 medals in professional events in 2022. She is also a certified PPR pro and coach who owns her own pickleball business and guides hundreds of players of various skill levels. She is a lady who has excelled in every endeavor she has undertaken. She is an emerging pickleball star and a dark horse in the sport.

Susannah Barr Pickleball Player


Susannah Barr’s age is 46 as of 2023. She was born in New York in 1977. She spent her childhood playing tennis and football before joining the Army as a linguist and intelligence analyst. She served in Iraq and Afghanistan, earning multiple medals and commendations. She also teaches English as a second language and has a master’s degree in adult education.

Susannah Barr’s Introduction to Pickleball

Susannah Barr began playing pickleball at the local YMCA in 2019 and immediately realized a great passion for expanding the sport. Tyson McGuffin, a four-time national champion and one of the top players in the world, was her friend and mentor who introduced her to the game. He taught her the fundamentals of pickleball, and she quickly began competing in competitions. Susannah Barr’s Achievements

Susannah Barr Introduction to Pickleball
Susannah Barr Introduction to Pickleball

For many years, Susannah Barr has been a consistent player in pickleball, both on the pro circuit and on surrounding courts. In 2022, she medaled 18 times in professional events, including six gold medals at the International Indoors Championship. She is also a four-time medalist at the USA Pickleball Nationals and was selected for the 2023 Major League Pickleball season, where she will play for the Las Vegas Night Owls.

Playing Style and Skills

Susannah Barr is famous for her aggressive and flexible playing style, as well as her powerful skills in planning, communication, and collaboration. She is a force to be reckoned with in mixed doubles, having won six of fifteen APP pro mixed doubles competitions in 2022.

She is also a solid singles and doubles player, with a strong serve, consistent forehand and backhand, and a sharp net game. She prefers the Selkirk Vanguard Invikta paddle for her playing style.

Playing Style And Skills of Susannah Barr
Playing Style And Skills of Susannah Barr

Personal Life and Future Goals

Susannah Barr with her husband and two sons lives in Spokane, Washington. Porter, her oldest son, is a fantastic pickleball player as well as a great videographer/YouTuber. She frequently competes in professional tournaments with him as her partner, and they have a strong relationship both on and off the court. Parker, her youngest son, is a gifted musician and artist. She is a loving mother and wife who likes spending time with family and friends.

Susannah Barr
Susannah Barr

Susannah Barr has been a PPR pro and coach since 2019. She is the owner of Dark Horse Pickleball, a firm that provides pickleball classes, seminars, camps, and events to players of all skill levels. She is enthusiastic about teaching and expanding the sport of pickleball, and she has assisted hundreds of players in improving their game while having fun. She is also a Selkirk-sponsored professional player and an inspiration to many aspiring pickleball players.


Susannah Barr is an exceptional pickleball player and teacher who has accomplished much in a short period. She is an identified soldier, a kind mother, a successful entrepreneur, and a well-known pickleball leader. Many individuals look forward to her as an inspiration to pursue their aspirations and hobbies. She is a real pickleball dark horse and a rising star in the sport.


What is Susannah Barr’s approach to training for pickleball?

Susannah Barr may adhere to a strict exercise regimen that involves skill development, fitness, and strategic exercises. Her personal experiences and professional instruction may have affected her training attitude.

Does Susannah Barr host pickleball events or tournaments?

Susannah Barr may organize or host pickleball events and tournaments, giving players the opportunity to participate and developing a feeling of community within the sport.

What achievements distinguish Susannah Barr in the pickleball community?

Susannah Barr’s significant achievements include high rankings, tournament triumphs, and contributions to the national and maybe international growth and promotion of pickleball.

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