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Pickleball is one of the world’s fastest-growing sports, and for good reason. It is enjoyable, simple to learn, and safe for people of all ages and skill levels. It may be played inside or outdoors, on various surfaces, and with little to no equipment. To play pickleball you must have a pickleball net. However, how high is a pickleball net and what is the height of a pickleball net? Furthermore, what difference does it have from other sports nets? In this post, I will address all of these questions and more. Let’s get started.

How High is a Pickleball Net

How High is a Pickleball Net? Deep Details

A pickleball net’s official height is 36 inches (91.44 cm) along the sides and 34 inches (86.36 cm) in the center of the court. This indicates that the middle of the net is somewhat lower than the edges, resulting in a soft curve. The net also has a 2-inch (5.08 cm) white binding around the top edge to make it easier to see and keep the ball from becoming stuck. The net posts should be set one foot (30.48 cm) outside the margins, making the net a total width of 22 feet (6.71 m). The net is suspended over the center of the court without touching the ground or draping onto the court.

The pickleball net’s height is set up to make the game more tough and interesting. It requires players to get the ball over the net with accuracy and control, while also allowing for various shots and strategy. For example, you can smash the ball hard and fast to make it bounce high and deep, or you can hit it softly and low to have it drop near the goal. You can additionally use spin, angle, or curve to make it more difficult for your opponent to return the ball.

How High is a Pickleball Net?
How High is a Pickleball Net?

The height of the pickleball net also has an impact on the non-volley zone, commonly known as the kitchen, which is the 20-foot (6.1 m) wide and 15-foot (4.57 m) long space on either side of the net. The non-volley zone prohibits you from hitting the ball in the air or volleying until the ball bounces first. The non-volley zone is intended to keep players from approaching the net too closely and controlling the game with strong volleys.

How Tall is a Pickleball Net Compared to Other Sports Nets?

A pickleball net looks in height
A pickleball net looks in height

Pickleball is a unique sport that blends aspects of badminton, tennis, and ping pong, hence its height is different from other sports nets. A pickleball net looks similar in height to a badminton net, which is likewise 36 inches (91.44 cm) at the sidelines and 30 inches (76.2 cm) at the center. A badminton net, on the other hand, is just 20 feet (6.1 m) wide, the same as a pickleball court.

Pickleball nets are shorter than tennis nets, measuring 42 inches (106.68 cm) at the posts and 36 inches (91.44 cm) in the center. A tennis net is also wider than a pickleball court, at 27 feet (8.23 m). Pickleball nets are significantly lower than volleyball nets, which are 7 feet 11 5/8 inches (2.43 m) for men and 7 feet 4 1/8 inches (2.24 m) for women.

How Long is a Pickleball Net? Pickleball Net Width

How Long is a Pickleball Net
How Long is a Pickleball Net

The official pickleball net width is 22 feet (6.71 m), which is the same as the court width. On each side, the net extends one foot (30.48 cm) beyond the sides. The net is also composed of any mesh fabric that cannot be penetrated by a ball. The mesh size is tiny enough that a wiffle ball cannot pass through it.

The pickleball net width is narrower than the tennis net, which measures 36 feet (10.97 m) for doubles play and 27 feet (8.23 m) for singles play. Pickleball’s lowered net width makes it easier to cover the court and lessens the need for lateral mobility. It also makes the game more lively and fast-paced.

What are the Official Rules for Pickleball Net Height?

What are the Official Rules for Pickleball Net?

The official pickleball rulebook is published by the USAPA and covers all aspects of the game, including equipment, court dimensions, scoring, serving, faults, and offenses. The rulebook is updated on a regular basis to reflect changes and advances in the sport.

The USAPA rules state that the pickleball net height must be measured before the start of each match and must meet the criteria mentioned. The net height shouldn’t be more than 0.25 inch (0.64 cm) higher or lower than the maximum or minimum restrictions.

Permanent Pickleball Nets

If you have a designated pickleball court or wish to convert a tennis court into a pickleball court, you will require a permanent pickleball net. A permanent pickleball net is one that is secured to the ground with posts and anchors and is built to resist weather and wear and tear. A permanent pickleball net has the advantages of being durable and solid, as well as not requiring periodic setup and takedown.

Temporary Pickleball Nets

You will need a temporary pickleball net if you do not have a permanent pickleball court or if you wish to play pickleball in a temporary location. A portable pickleball net is easy to put up and take down, and it can be used on any flat area, such as a driveway, parking lot, gym, or grass field. A temporary pickleball net should also fulfill USAPA regulations, although there may be a few variances.

How to Set Up a Pickleball Net

How to Set Up a Pickleball Net
How to Set Up a Pickleball Net

Setting up a pickleball net is not very difficult, but it does require some basic equipment and skills. You will need a pickleball net, a net frame, a center strap or post, a measuring device, and a hammer or mallet. I have set up many pickleball nets in my life, and I have learned some tips and tricks along the way. Here are the steps to set up a pickleball net:

  • Set up the net on a flat and level area. Ideally, you should utilize a pickleball court with the proper size and lines.
  • Assemble the net frame according to the included instructions. The net frame should be made of interconnecting metal or PVC tubes that form a rectangular shape.
  • Hook or loop the net cord over the top of the frame to secure it to the frame.
  • Position the net frame on the court such that the net posts are one foot (30.48 cm) outside the sidelines. Make certain that the net is perpendicular to the centerline and parallel to the baseline.
  • Attach the center strap or post to the center of the net and adjust it to bring the net height down to 34 inches (86.36 cm) in the center of the court.
  • Check the net for sagging or drooping and tighten or repair it if needed.


A pickleball net is a must-have piece of pickleball equipment, and it should satisfy the approved criteria for optimum playability and performance. Whether you choose a permanent or temporary pickleball net, look for a high-quality, long-lasting, and simple-to-use net that meets your needs and tastes. You should also look into the net’s height, tension, and dimensions, as well as how to properly measure, modify, and set up the net. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your pickleball net will give you a pleasurable playing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hit the ball over the net before it bounces in pickleball?

Yes, in pickleball, you can hit the ball over the net before it bounces as long as you are not in the non-volley zone (also known as the kitchen).

How wide is a pickleball net?

A standard pickleball net is 22 feet wide. This width is maintained at all levels of competition, including singles and doubles matches.

How do I adjust the tension of a pickleball net?

The center strap can be used to modify the tension of the net. The center strap should be secured to the ground or the base and tightened or loosened until the net is at the proper height and tension.

What is the height of a pickleball net?

The standard height of a pickleball net is 36 inches (91.4 cm) at the sidelines and 34 inches (86.4 cm) at the center.

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