Best Outdoor Pickleball Balls – 2024 Top Picks

Pickleball’s popularity is growing, and players are becoming more involved in the game. After determining the ideal pickleball paddle, our focus naturally went to finding the perfect pickleball ball. The type of pickleball ball you use can have a major influence on your games. Neglecting to consider the type of ball you use may lead to less-than-ideal results on the court. Striking the right truce between durability and playability is essential; you don’t want a ball that’s cheap and prone to damage, but you also don’t want to overpay on a ball that’s too hard and too fast for a calm pace of play.

Best Outdoor Pickleball Balls

In terms of these considerations, and trying plenty of balls during matches I’ve carefully crafted a list of the 5 best outdoor pickleball balls that I consider the most durable and functional. Each one is carefully selected to fit every need and personal preference of pickleball aficionados. Read on to find your one!

What is the best outdoor pickleball ball?

Many people start playing pickleball without knowing which outdoor pickleball ball is appropriate for their game. It’s an important element of the pickleball jigsaw, and let’s face it: a bad ball can ruin your entire game. In 2024, what will constitute a quality outdoor pickleball ball and which ones should you be looking at?

Before anything else, the optimal outdoor pickleball ball must be weather resistant. I’m referring to sun, wind, and the occasional errant bounce on hard outside surfaces. Nobody wants a ball that disintegrates after a few games, right?

What is the best outdoor pickleball ball?
What is the best outdoor pickleball ball?

Now, let’s get to the point. My top pickleball picks for 2024 were carefully selected with your outdoor experience in mind.

5 Best Outdoor Pickleball Balls

Here is the list of the best pickleball outdoor balls for pickleball players:

1. Onix Pickleball Dura Fast 40 Pickleball Ball

When it comes to Pickleball, having the right equipment is essential, and the ONIX Pickleball Dura Fast 40 Pickleball Ball is the best pickleball for outdoor play.

Pickleball fans who enjoy a fast-paced, accurate, and strategic game will find this ball especially appealing as it is created for tournament play. Whether you’re playing competitive pickleball or sharpening your abilities with baseball and softball training drills, the ONIX Dura Fast 40 shows its adaptability.

As the official ball for prestigious events such as the PPA Tour and the APP Tour, its brilliant yellow and neon colors bring flare to the game while assuring maximum visibility. When it comes to outdoor pickleball brilliance, the ONIX Dura Fast 40 is the clear option, giving a winning performance every time.

Multiple color optionsHeavy weight may take some getting used to
Seamless construction
Onix Pickleball Dura Fast 40 Pickleball Ball

Onix Pickleball Dura Fast 40 Pickleball Ball

  • Pproved for Tournament Play Dura Pickleballs
  • Usapa Approved
  • Top Performance Pickleballs
  • Top Players Prefer the Dura Pickleballs
  • Anticipate Life of 3-10 Games in Harsh Conditions
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2. AMYPUK Outdoor Pickleball Balls

AMYPUK’s Pickleballs are a good option if you want an affordable yet durable pickleball ball set. These balls are USAPA approved and manufactured using a durable Polypropylene Plastic (PP) material that can withstand outdoor use. They are available in two pack sizes: four and twelve, but only in yellow, which may not be suitable for everyone.

AMYPUK Pickleballs are ideal for casual players who want a ball that is both sturdy and weather-resistant. These balls give a nice playing experience at a lesser price than other brands.

Made of resistance PP materialOnly one color option
Consistent elasticityNot for tournament play 
USA Pickleball Approved
AMYPUK Outdoor Pickleball Balls

AMYPUK Outdoor Pickleball Balls

  • Meet the Needs of Outdoor Activities
  • Bright Yellow Is More Easily Spotted on the Court
  • Capable of Balanced Flight
  • High-Strength Impact Resistance
  • Usapa Approved
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3. Franklin Sports X-40 Outdoor Pickleballs

Franklin is the best place to go if you want high-quality items for every task. Their X-40 is one of the best pickleball balls for outdoor play on the market. They are composed of low-density polypropylene and feature a seamless construction, making them extremely durable. They feature 40 holes drilled by machines to provide a consistent and steady flight each time.

These pickleballs weigh 0.917 ounces, which is a bit heavier than the normal ball, but great for outdoor play when you need more bounce. They may or may not be IFP-approved, but I’m sure you’ll appreciate their durability.

You can also select one of four colors—ember, lava, optic yellow, or pink—to ensure that the ball is always visible. They are available in packs ranging in size from three to 400, so you can acquire them for any occasion, whether it’s a casual game or a competition.

Multiple color and set optionsOnly approved for outdoor use
Seamless construction
Franklin Sports X-40 Outdoor Pickleballs

Franklin Sports X-40 Outdoor Pickleballs

  • Franklin’s X-40 Outdoor Pickleballs
  • Premium Performance and Durability
  • Precision Design
  • Usa Pickleball (Usapa) Approved
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4. ONIX Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Balls

What if the weather isn’t suitable for playing outside? Do you have to give up your pickleball passion? Of course, not! You simply need the right balls for the task. This is where the ONIX Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleballs come in. These balls are specifically built and weighted to withstand every weather situation, including rain and wind.

They’re composed of robust plastic that weighs heavier than conventional balls (0.92 ounces to be exact), allowing them to fly straight even in heavy winds and rains. ONIX Pure 2 balls are not approved for competition, but they’re great for casual play. They are bright yellow, which makes them simple to see in challenging environments, although some players may prefer additional color options.

Yellow color is great for visibilityOnly one color option
Weighted for weatherNot tournament-approved
High durability
ONIX Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Balls

ONIX Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Balls

  • Leading pickleball manufacturer
  • Specifically designed and optimized for the sport
  • Ready to play
  • Greater balance & durability
  • USAPA/usa pickleball approved
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5. PCKL Optic Speed Pickleballs

With PCKL Optic Speed Pickleballs, you can completely change the way you play outside. These aren’t your standard pickleballs; they’re meant to enhance your playing experience. The vibrant optic green color ensures high visibility on the court, making it ideal for both experienced and inexperienced players. These pickleballs provide the ideal balance of speed and control, resulting in a steady bounce for a stable and pleasant game every time.

What distinguishes PCKL Optic Speed is its rugged build, which was designed expressly to withstand the demands of outdoor activity. Say goodbye to concerns about wear and tear; these pickleballs are meant to last. Make the wise option for your game, go for PCKL Optic Speed Pickleballs, and boost your outdoor pickleball sessions with unparalleled performance and durability.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor useOnly come in packs of four
Two-toned design improves visibility
Great for training
PCKL Optic Speed Pickleballs

PCKL Optic Speed Pickleballs

  • 4 Optic Indoor Pickleballs
  • Built to Usa Pickleball (Usapa) Specifications
  • Extreme Durability
  • Includes 4 Vibrant High Visibility Colors
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What to Look for while Buying the Best Outdoor Pickleball Balls

Some of the factors to look for while buying the best outdoor pickleball balls are:

  • Durability: Outdoor pickleball balls should composed of durable plastic that resists breaking and fading. They also have smaller and more holes than indoor balls, which eliminates air resistance and improves aerodynamics.
  • Bounce and performance: When outdoor pickleball balls are dropped from a height of 78 inches onto a concrete surface, they should bounce between 30 and 34 inches. They should also have a smooth and level surface that provides for easy spin and control.
  • Suitability for outdoor conditions: Outdoor pickleball balls should be able to withstand wind, sun, and dust, which may all impact their flight and visibility. They should be in a bright, contrasting color that is easy to spot and track.

My Recommendation

In my extensive experience with pickleball, the Onix Pickleball Dura Fast 40 is an excellent pick for outdoor play. Its sturdy build and steady flying provide me great gaming experience. Furthermore, being USAPA approved for tournament play adds a layer of trustworthiness, making it my favored ball due to its combo of longevity, playability, and conformity to official standards. While some may find the color slightly pale, it’s my best ever choice for outdoor play.


What is the difference between indoor and outdoor pickleball balls?

Outdoor pickleball balls are stronger, heavier, and bounce higher than indoor ones. Furthermore, outdoor balls have smaller holes, making them more wind resistant when used outside or on hard surfaces such as tennis courts.

How often should you replace pickleball balls?

You may use a ball as long as you want until it breaks.

How much do pickleball balls cost?

Pickleball balls are available in sets of many balls at a reasonable price. They can cost anywhere from $7 to $200, depending on the ball’s production and the number of balls included in the set.

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